Three Card Tarot Readings

From my experience, three card tarot readings are one of the most versatile and adaptable spreads in tarot reading. While not all variations should be used with any deck, you can certainly match some variations to any deck.

With a three card reading you can get to the heart of your question without the noise of more complicated spreads. It’s simple and uncluttered and that helps to make it effective.

If you dig around you’ll find a seemingly endless number of different variations for this spread. Different variations can help hone in on the most important aspect of your question. But while a huge selection can be helpful, don’t let it overwhelm you, you don’t have to choose any variation in particular if you don’t want to, just ask your question and I can decide for you which one will give you the most in depth answer.

Some variations of three card readings are meant to match different questions or intentions. And some are meant to compliment a certain deck. When a deck has a specific layout associated with it, it can be helpful to try that layout first before modifying it. It can be helpful to get a feel for a deck first, that way you’ll have a better idea what will work the best with it.

You’ll find a few different reading’s spreads on this site but you can easily ask for any 3 card variation you would like, or just go with the three card spread which I’ve made available and like to use the most. I modify it to suit your question and do an overall reading to dig deep for the answer that will help you the most.

How does the three card reading work?

This is a simple straightforward layout. The cards are shuffled and laid out one beside the other. Even though this is a simple layout it still becomes a deep reading. The cards are read as a group, taking into account if they are right side up or upside down, what suits are prominent, and if the Major Arcana plays a role or if most of the cards are Minor Arcana. And finally, the placement of cards in relation to each other is taken into account.

3 cards lined up

A 3 card tarot reading packs a lot of information and insight into the answer you are looking for. It goes into enough detail to give you a handle on your question or situation and gives you a solution, or something you can work on toward a solution.

It’s one of my favorite spreads because it’s so versatile. You can ask almost any question and get valuable feedback. There is the added bonus that with just three cards you’ll reflect on them throughout the day. This helps bring clarity to the answer you received and allows you to move forward.

Part of the magic is because it is so simple. Now, don’t get me wrong, I use other spreads that include more cards, and these are great within their context. I do a Celtic spread that has amazing results, it’s just that not every question you have needs a more detailed spread.

Three card tarot readings may seem tiny but they are powerful.