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Three Good Things Coming My Way Tarot Spread

The Three Good Things tarot spread is meant to be an uplifting, positive tarot spread that will energize positive energy to head your way. It has three cards in a straight layout – 1 – 2 – 3 There are no position meanings for this one. We’re keeping it super simple.

Every card reads positive in this spread, that includes any reversals or negative cards. If you get a negative card, this means whatever it is, is moving out of your life.

For this spread shuffle the cards so you include uprights and reversals. It would be great to see something negative moving on and out of your life.

Concentrate on your intent : What are three good things that are coming my way. You may add a time frame if you like, as an example – for this month.

Pull three cards, and lay them out any way you like. Read the cards.

Here is an example reading with an interpretation:

Yikes! Three reversals – but it’s ok. Remember, we interpret the cards using our intent – What are three good things that are coming my way, negatives will be moving out – and I added in – this month for this particular reading.

10 Swords Reversed – Some success and profit

2 Wands Reversed – Fear is coming to an end. ( for this spread any negatives are on the way out)

Knight of Wands Reversed – Lack of energy and frustration are ending.

This reads great! It looks like a rough patch is coming to an end.

Putting it all together:

You will see some success and profit. The fear and trepidation you have experienced is coming to an end. The lack of energy and frustration will soon be gone, be ready for a burst of energy to spur you forward.

How often to do this positive tarot spread

I like to do the Three Good Things Spread once a month. You could try it once a week if you want to. It would also make a great yearly spread for those larger goals.

Try to concentrate on the time frame you’re interested in. If you’re interested in the week ahead, picture the days starting with Monday and going through to Sunday.

The same for a monthly reading, concentrate on the first day of the month on through to the last day.

This spread is similar to the Near Future Spread. The difference between the two is the Three Good Things Spread only concentrates on the good, positive things that are going to happen. The Near Future Spread includes anything that is happening within your time frame, positive or negative.

I encourage you to do an uplifting spread

Doing an uplifting or positive tarot spread puts you in a positive mindset and I strongly believe that positive energy attracts more positive energy. And let’s face it, hearing good news just plain feels good.

With this spread you’re specifically asking what good is coming your way and inviting positive energy into your life.