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Tarot Yes or No Spread

The tarot yes or no spread is one of the easiest and most versatile you will find. All you need is a question that can be answered by either a yes or a no.

How to Ask Yes or No Tarot Questions

Keep your question straightforward. Don’t use a double question – will I pass my test or not? That is open to two answers and you won’t know which one you’re getting the answer to. Just make it simple – Will I pass my test?

Are There Tarot Yes No Cards?

Some people assign a negative – no, or a positive – yes, to tarot cards. While that does a fine job you have to remember which cards are positive and which are negative.

I find that method a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Some are obvious but others are debatable. The method I use can be read quickly with little room for error. If a card is upright it’s a yes. If the card is reversed, it’s a no.

I’m including two versions of this spread, use the one that works the best for you.

One Card Yes or No Spread

Concentrate on your question to set your intention. Make sure you shuffle your cards to include reversals as well as uprights. Then draw one card.

A card in the upright position indicates a yes. A card in the reversal position is interpreted as a no.

yes no tarot spread

That’s it. That’s all you have to do to get an answer to your question. You don’t take the card’s meaning into consideration

Yes or No Tarot Spread

If you like a bit more information with your yes and no spread, try this one.

Again, set your intention as you shuffle the cards, make sure you include uprights and reversals.

You are going to draw 3 cards this time.

tarot yes or no spread

There are four possible outcomes for this spread. You still read them very simply going first by reversals and uprights.

Three uprights – a definite yes

Three reversals – a hard no

Two uprights and one reversal – yes with a bit of a warning thrown in

Two reversals and one upright – a no, but maybe you can salvage it, if that’s what you want.

It doesn’t matter what order your upright or reversal cards are in, you read them by how many of each there are.

You can use the reading only using uprights and reversals. Or if you like you can add in some extra insight, totally up to you.

Add in Card Meanings, if You Want To

After you’ve gotten your simple answer you can read the card meanings to get some clarification or more insight, if you like. Use whatever card meanings you use with your deck for this.

Doing this extra reading on the cards can support the positive with extra guidance or reinforce what you want.

On the flip side it may show conflicts or challenges that you may have to overcome. It could mean a warning or perhaps a negative or positive to the outcome.

There may be information to turn a no answer into a yes if you meet the challenges in front of you, or the other way around turn a yes into a no.

It really depends on what the cards mean and also what answer you want.

This adds a bit more insight into your yes or no reading.

The real beauty of a tarot yes or no spread is that you don’t have to study tarot cards in order to get a good reading. It’s a spread that you can use right away and get an accurate reading without a lot of fuss.