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Horseshoe Spread Tarot

The Horseshoe Spread Tarot is a seven card spread. It is meant to give more details about your question while being less complicated than the Celtic Cross Spread. If you’re just beginning with tarot and want a more detailed spread, but still easy to interpret, the Horseshoe spread is a good one to start with.

The layout of this spread follows the symbol of good luck – a horseshoe. There is some discussion as to which way the horseshoe should be displayed – I go with the traditional open side up, like a vessel. This way all the good luck will fill the vessel! Who couldn’t use a bit more good luck?

You can ask any question using the horseshoe spread. It adapts nicely.

How to Deal the Horseshoe Tarot Card Spread

Shuffle the cards, uprights and reversals are considered in this spread, so make sure you shuffle or mix your deck to include them.

Concentrate on your question, and also on each meaning for the card positions, as you lay them out in the order shown in the illustration. It follows a very simple 1 – 7 layout.

Horseshoe Tarot Spread Meaning

1. The Past – This doesn’t have to be childhood past, it could be from a few years, to months, maybe even sooner. If there is a near past event that you feel the card is suggesting, consider it.

2. The Present – What’s happening right now that has an effect

3. Hidden Influences – This can be people, things or circumstances that you may not know about

4. Your Attitude – Are you excited, fearful, unsure, or something else

5. Influence of Others – This could be a person, but don’t rule out other influences if the cards are showing that.

6. What Should You Do – This should give you an idea as to what you can, or should do, to move forward. Are there obstacles, or advantages, present that you should deal with? What does the card suggest?

7. Likely Outcome – Because nothing is written in stone, this isn’t a guarantee, but something that will probably happen.

Horseshoe Spread in Tarot Reading Example

For anyone who is wondering how to do an actual reading I’m giving an example.

While using the horseshoe spread, why not go with the horseshoe tradition and ask about some good luck?

For this sample reading I have a friend, who volunteered, asking the cards: What good luck is coming my way in the near future. With the intent of looking out for it so I don’t miss it.

Since the cards can have several meanings, I’m choosing the meanings I feel fit with the question and my friend’s situation.

  • 1. The Past – 3 The Empress – Wealth. Creating for creative people -There is going to be some payout for something they created in the past.
  • 2. The Present – Wheel of Fortune Reversed – Setbacks. You will reap as you sow. -He has to continue his hard work. He’ll get back what he puts in.
  • 3. Hidden Influences – 8 of Swords – Indecision, fear. Not moving forward. -There is some hesitancy in getting things done for fear it will be wrong.
  • 4. Your Attitude – Queen of Swords – A quick wit. -There is a longing and a need to accomplish something.
  • 5. Influence of Others – King of Pentacles Reversed – There could be someone who seems to know what they’re doing but doesn’t, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Beware of this person.
  • 6. What Should You Do – King of Swords Reversed – Distrustful, suspicious. Power for disruption are revealed. -The meaning in context, be suspicious, don’t jump all in. You will find out the truth. A person who can’t be trusted or has the wrong information will be exposed.
  • 7. Likely Outcome – 9 The Hermit – Silent counsel. Receiving wisdom, instruction. Attainment of goals.


So, the question was about good luck that was coming his way. There does seem to be some, but there are also warnings.

There is some success coming from past accomplishments. You have to continue with what you were doing, you can only get rewarded for what you’ve finished, not what you’re hoping to finish.

You’re holding yourself back with uncertainty. You’re smart enough and have the motivation to do this.

Beware of someone who either doesn’t know what they’re doing and is giving you bad information, or is purposefully misleading you. Don’t be afraid to be suspicious of this person. You’re right about them.

And then the final card, which isn’t a guarantee but what is likely to happen, you’ll find the knowledge you need and you will succeed.

In the context of the question – the good luck is you’ll get some rewards for past work. And you’ll figure out the person who is misleading you in time to straighten it all out.

In my opinion it did answer the question and it also gave some extra information which should be helpful.


In the Horseshoe spread, tarot cards are dealt while you concentrate on your question and the position meanings. It’s a straightforward spread that gives you lots of information that’s easy to interpret.

If you’re looking for a spread that is more intricate than three card spreads the Horseshoe spread is a good one to start with.