Tarot Card Readings

I’m happy to be offering you tarot card readings sent directly to your email. For each reading I always try to find, and stress, the positive. There is a definite link between a positive outlook and bringing positive energy into your life. The more positive energy you generate, the more positive energy comes back to you.

Obviously this isn’t always the way it works. Usually though, there is something in the reading that can be uplifting.

Featured Readings

Tarot readings are a very individual and personal experience that is different for everyone. To make your readings more attuned to you and aligned with what you need, I offer readings with different spreads and different card decks.

Tarot readings can help you find insight and inspiration. Tarot cards are meant to be a guide, ultimately any decisions you have to make will be up to you. Making choices can be difficult and while the path forward may be clear, the destination may not be, or perhaps you know where you want to end up, but the path forward isn’t clear to you. Tarot cards can help you define where you want to go.

When people get tarot readings, they do so for many reasons. Foretelling the future is what most people believe the cards are all about. Tarot covers so much more though, if you think of the cards as a tool for guidance you can discover inspiration, insight, in your life. The cards connect through your own inner thoughts and feelings, they simply let you get more in touch with them.

How to get the most out of your tarot readings

Reflect on your reading, really open up to what the cards are saying to you. Is the message clear to you? Often it takes time for the true meaning to come to you, and that’s alright. When the time is right, it will all come together.

And you must remember that the future hasn’t happened yet, it’s not set in stone. Anything can change that path. Think of the future as a ripple on the water, a breeze, anything touching the water will change that ripple. A change in your mindset can affect what happens to you. You do have choices.
If your reading hasn’t told you what you had hoped it would, don’t be discouraged, the cards may be telling you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear.

Open yourself to possibilities, and possibilities will open to you.