Celtic Cross Spread Dragon Deck


The Celtic Cross Spread using the dragon tarot deck. It applies the meanings and positions set by the dragon deck. A ten card reading.

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If you love, and are intrigued by the magic of dragons, you’ll want to have a reading with the Dragon Tarot deck. Each card in the deck is depicted as a dragon. The meanings of the cards differ from other decks to make this deck unique.

The Dragon Tarot is read a bit differently from other decks, as well. The Major Arcana is read upright or reversed, while the Minor Arcana is generally read only upright. If reversals for the Minor Arcana are taken into consideration, it will only mean a lessening of the upright position as opposed to the opposite meaning.

This reading is delivered through email as a pdf which includes an image of your spread, and images of your individual cards with their meanings. Then I put it all together for you in the reading.

Here are the Card Position Meanings as outlined with the deck:

  1. Present Position – Atmosphere, influence which exists right now.
  2. Immediate Influence – The nature of the influence or immediate involvement or obstacles which lie just ahead.
  3. Goal or Destiny – Your ultimate goal or destiny. Indicates the best that can be expected based on existing circumstances. May also represent your aim or ideal within the present reference.
  4. Distant Past Foundation – Shows the broad and basic events and influences that existed in the past and affect the present.
  5. Recent Past Events – Shows the most recent influences or events that have just passed or are passing now.
  6. Future Influence – What is coming in the near future.
  7. Questioner – Shows the questioner in their present position or attitude.
  8. Environmental Factors – Immediate persons surrounding the questioner and their effect on the questioner.
  9. Inner Emotions – Inner hopes, desires, fears and anxieties.
  10. Final Result – Results which may come about.
The Celtic Cross using the dragon deck
Celtic Cross Spread Dragon Deck