What are Tarot Readings

The answer to the question what are tarot readings is a bit subjective. I’ll put the simple answer out there first.

You ask a question – the cards are shuffled and laid out in the spread of your choice. Then, keeping the question foremost in mind, the cards are interpreted and you receive your answer. Those are the basics of a tarot reading.

What a tarot reading is not-

is a guarantee. The cards aren’t gifting you an outcome. Your answer is based on all the factors in effect at the time your reading is being done, if those factors change, so can the outcome.

When people started doing tarot readings, the tarot was mostly used to divine the future. Trying to find out what will happen is still one of the most popular questions. The thing about the future is, it’s not set. Depending on what you do after your reading, you could change that future.

Let’s say you ask if you’re going to get the promotion you’ve been after. You consult the tarot and it gives three cards up – a definite yes. Awesome news.

But- let’s say you figure getting the job is a done deal and you fall back on your efforts to win the position. You don’t put in any extra effort, maybe even slack off. Promotion day comes around and you don’t get it.

Hey, the cards said I would get it. What’s up with that? This tarot thing is totally bogus!!

You have to understand the future hasn’t happened yet. Everything you do affects what will happen tomorrow, and could easily change the future.

Let’s try this scenario. Again, you want that promotion. You ask the cards and they say, probably not going to happen.

You’re not standing for that. You double down, put in a supreme effort. And you get it!

Crazy cards, they know nothing!!

It’s that ‘the future hasn’t happened yet’ thing going on. By working harder to get what you wanted, you changed your own future.

So, my expanded answer of what are tarot readings –

Tarot is a tool you can use to your advantage.

The mechanics of a tarot reading are simple, you concentrate on your question, the cards are shuffled and laid out and then interpreted. That’s the simple part.

If you use tarot as a tool, you will find it has a lot of benefits.

That’s what I’m after here on LightWayTarot, I want you to use your reading as a tool, something that will bring you an advantage in the different aspects of your life. I don’t want you to get a reading and then just forget about it. I want you to refer to it often, using the PDF, and reflect on it. Think of how it can change things for the better for you.

What’s important is what you do with your tarot reading.

That is the real benefit of a tarot reading, how you use it to your advantage.

So, my favorite answer to what are tarot readings –

-You still have to make decisions on your own, but who wants to give up control of their lives anyway?

-Readings are not a guarantee, the cards aren’t gifting you anything, remember, the future is not set, your actions will determine how things turn out in the end.

-A negative card in your reading should be viewed as an insight, something you may be able to prepare for, or avoid altogether

What tarot readings can be – a tool you can use to benefit many areas in your life.