Yes and No Tarot Reading

This reading gives you a simple yes or no answer with an extra bonus of a three card tarot spread to give you some advice along with your answer. This gives you a lot more to work with than a single card reading would.

While using a single card is the quickest way to get a reading, I find pulling three cards gives you much more insight, making it easier for you to move forward or maybe even change the answer if it’s to your benefit.

How Does A Yes No Tarot Reading Work?

The technique I use for a yes no tarot reading is fairly simple. Other readers may do it differently, this is just the way I like to do it, and what works for me. I pull three cards and use uprights and reversals. If most of the cards are upright, the answer is yes, and if most of the cards are reversed, the answer is no.

Ask a specific question that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This is important. Don’t ask a double question or a question that is overly complicated. Don’t ask – Will I get the job or will I stay where I am? That’s two questions and confuses the answer. Keeping it simple enables the cards to give you a clearer answer. Think on what you want to know the most and then form your question.

After a thorough shuffle, three cards are drawn – uprights represent yes, and reversals represent no. With three cards you can get a combination of uprights and reversals which can give you a more detailed answer – three uprights, a definite yes, three reversals a definite no. Two uprights and one reversal means a yes but with a reservation. The same for two reversals and one upright, it means no but with a reservation.

Then reading all three cards provides support or clarity for you as it relates to your question.

Doing this extra reading on the cards can show conflicts or challenges that you may have to overcome. It could mean a warning or perhaps a negative or positive to the outcome. It really depends on what the cards mean. This can show a great deal for you. It could show that there is a way to turn a no answer into a yes if you meet the challenges in front of you, or the other way around turn a yes into a no.

I like to give a little extra information in my readings, and this is a great way to add that little bit that may have a positive impact for you. The yes no tarot reading gives you a straightforward answer to your question and then including the extra readings on the cards adds in the bonus of some insight as to why the answer turned out the way it did and if there may be some changes you want to make.