Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads are how the cards are laid out for a reading. This lets a reader intuit each card’s meaning, including where it is placed in the spread and also its relation to the other cards. Cards influence each other, and a placement can determine a card’s strength. It all works together for a reading.

There are a lot of different spreads to choose from and more come up every day. So how do you decide which spread would work best for you?

You can start with your question. Think about what you really want to know. That can be harder than it sounds. Often you will get your answer and realize you want more information. A more complex spread could give you that information.

Other times a simple answer will work just fine. A simple spread can add in just enough information to have your answer nicely rounded out.

Each spread, the simple ones and the more intricate ones, all have their use in reading tarot.

Break your question down so you understand what you really want to know. In that way you can probably get a fair idea if a more detailed spread would work better for you.

Once you have your question clear in your mind, you can consider the card placement meanings. Most spreads will have a meaning for each placement of a card. This will let you know what information the cards could reveal for you.

A few spreads are what I like to call open, which basically means the placement meanings are open to whatever placement meaning suits the question the best. I do this with two of my three card spreads and the results have been great.

You will also be able to find tarot spreads that are dedicated to a specific theme, career, love, inspiration, insight. The tarot is much more than divining the future, it can be used in every aspect of your life.

There are some tarot spreads that will also show you the lighter side of life and uplift you. Often that is what we need more than anything else, a bit of light heartiness and just plain fun can turn things around even in the worst of times.

Don’t get hung up on finding the exact, perfect spread. You will come across some tarot spreads that you find intriguing or have a pattern that you just have to try. There may be a spread you just feel a connection to. By all means, go with your intuition. Intuition is a big part of tarot, and you’re not likely to go wrong by following it.

I can’t possibly go over every tarot spread that’s available, what I’m doing instead is giving a detailed view of the tarot spreads that I use in my readings. I wanted to be sure to add a few of the classics and then I’m searching out those that I feel a connection with and are unique to add in that extra sparkle and fill in any needs or wants you may have.


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