Tarot Reading by Email

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I’ve made the switch from face-to-face tarot readings to tarot reading by email. Like anything that’s new, it takes a bit of getting used to for you and for myself. The feedback has been positive and I’m tweaking as I go.

Tarot reading by email isn’t new for everyone, people have been doing them for some time. I was slow getting on board, old habits lol.

If you run into any problems, I have two emails where you can contact me. Please use the right one, customer care for anything to do with your order, and get in touch for everything else. I’ll get back to you as fast as I can for either one. This just keeps the two separate which is helpful for troubleshooting.

I have done tarot reading by email before, so that’s not totally new for me. For those folks that are wondering, it works really well. One of the advantages for you, is you get a PDF of the reading. I’m really liking the idea of a PDF. They take quite a long time to do, but I want to put out something that will benefit you and I think they’re completely worth it. A PDF gives you a look at all your cards – in color – so you can see those for yourselves, and I believe that is a real benefit. I also include the position meanings of the spread, and of course, my interpretation of the cards. So, you have the entire reading that you can refer to as often as you like, or need to. I take that as a definite plus over getting your reading in person where when you leave, you only have what you can remember of it to reflect on. And really, how much of your reading do you remember after a week? A month? Or by the end of the year?

I have gotten a few questions about shuffling the cards and how that affects readings. When I started tarot reading in the beginning, I let clients shuffle the cards, but for me that didn’t last very long. I found my reading was much more intuitive if I didn’t let anyone but myself touch my cards. It’s just something I changed early on. That works for me, other readers like to have clients shuffle, and that works for them. With email readings, of course, you can’t shuffle the cards anyway.

How does a reading by email work?

When I’m ready to do your reading, I have your question in front of me. If you’ve added in any other details I read those now, so everything you’re asking is clear in my mind. I concentrate on your question and your name to make a connection as I shuffle the cards and lay them out.

Then I go through your reading like I would any other reading. The big difference is that with an email tarot reading I make notes which I’ll turn into a PDF. I don’t take a picture of your spread, but I recreate it using images I’ve made of the cards. They’re laid out exactly as they appear in your reading.

All readings are individual, your reading is completely unique. I don’t copy and paste the meanings; I interpret each one in connection with your question. Just like I would if we were meeting face-to-face.

You’ll notice I say to allow 48 hours for your reading, that doesn’t mean it will take 48 hours. Some days are going to be busier than others. I’m not booking in sessions and oddly, they seem to come in little batches. I don’t want you waiting for your reading but I won’t rush a reading either, you’ll get the full treatment. So do be prepared for it to take the full 48 hours.

Ordering a Tarot Reading by Email

I’ve tried to make it simple to order a reading. You can go to the Shop and have a look at all the different readings available, or you can click on one of the readings banners, I have them all over the place for easy access, you can see a few in the sidebar as well. Some readings are for specific spreads and decks and for others you can pick the deck you would like.

Just fill in your question and then any extra info on your question, whatever you’re comfortable including, it helps give your question context. I’ll need your actual name and a real email address. I never share this info or spam you.

My primary goal is to make sure that payment is as secure as it can possibly be. First, this website is secure. I looked at a few payment gateways and I chose the one I felt added even more security. Square has my full confidence. You fill out your details on LightWay, but none of the payment details, like your credit card number, is saved or recorded on this website. It’s all encrypted and processed through Square. You don’t have to be a member of Square to use it. Simply fill in the details and Square will do the rest. Right now payment is through credit cards, I am looking into Google Pay and hope to have that roll out soon.

I hope that answers some of your questions about tarot reading by email, and I’m excited to hear from you.